Wallen Productions LLC is responsible for all the legal requirements it takes to bring AnimalFest to your event. 


Safe transportation of animals and equipment 

IRP plates 

United carrier registration 

US DOT requirements 

Drug testing policy 

Comprehensive and commercial vehicle insurance 

Annual vehicle inspections

Commercial driver eligibility 

DOT physicals

Drivers daily log compliance 

Vehicle registration 

Vechicle maintenance


USDA License 

State and local health requirements 

Certificate of veterinarian inspection 

Coggins, tuberculosis, and brucellosis testing

Yearly vaccinations



Liability insurance 

Worker’s comp insurance 

Additional insured certificate

Past employment verification 

Background checks

Random drug testing 

Witholding taxes and W-2s

Local state and federal taxes


When you are a professional and legal company, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get everything just right.