Booking requirements for fairs

Tap for video of AnimalFest Petting Zoo.
Tap for video of AnimalFest Petting Zoo.

We provide all necessary animals, tents, travel certifcates, and equipment. 

One million dollar liability policy .

Ideally an 80’ by 100’ area is best for the zoo and pony rides but we can adjust to your layout.

We require -

50 amp 220 volt power and water spigot within 100’ ft.      Area to dump animal waste. 

50 bags of pine shavings bedding (or equivalent).

30 bales of clean wheat straw.

10 bales of horse quality grass hay upon arrival and 6 bales daily for duration.

Clean up of area after event is over .

Hand washing station in front of zoo entrance .


The AnimalFest Racers requires -

Additional 60’ by 60’ area.

30 amp 110 volt power.

15 bags of pine shavings. 

Depending on routing, a motel room may be required. 


Contact us for pricing on your event .